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Atlantic Salmon Fishing

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Atlantic Salmon Fishing

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EPA Camps consists of 4 camps located in Newfoundland and Labrador

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Michael’s River Lodge

IMG_2294Atlantic Salmon, Char and Trout Fishing

Grey River lodge

Explore the beautiful, untouched wilderness surrounding the Grey River and fish in some of the most fruitful salmon fishing grounds in Newfoundland.  Grey River Lodge presents hundreds of acres of pristine countryside and a true country retreat where you can unplug, relax, fish and explore.  From novice anglers to dedicated expert fishermen, guests return again and again to Grey River Lodge for a truly remarkable experience.

Grey River Lodge is secluded and removed from the busy, day-to-day toils of the city and the stress of work.  Accessible only by helicopter, Grey River Lodge is one of the last remaining authentic backcountry retreats, and its faraway waters offer tremendous rewards.  For over twenty-two years, anglers have continually reeled in trophy salmon on the Grey River and found an exhilarating fly fishing experience unlike any other.  Many hikers have also uncovered the hidden magic of the Grey River countryside and witnessed the stunning beauty of this magnificent landscape.

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